1. How to access and watch Adult (XXX) content in SuperBOX

SuperBOX adult contents are hidden and can only be accessed by entering and setting up the Parental content password.

2. What is the difference between SuperBox S1 and SuperBox S1 Pro?

In terms of hardware: S1 only supports 2.4G network and has 1G memory; S1PRO supports 6K, memory 2G, mobile phone remote control, in terms of content: S1PRO has UK channels. (See the spec for more information )

3. How to download app from app store on Superbox S1 pro

4. How to connect Wifi on Superbox s1 pro


5. How to add app & delete app on Superbox S1 Pro


6. Superbox S1 Pro VOD Guide and Settings


7. Superbox S1 pro Live Tv Guide and Settings


8. How to enjoy live tv and vod when you receive the Superbox S1


9. Setup instructions of Superbox S1


10. Superbox S1 Live Tv Guide and Settings


11. How to Download & Install APP From Browser on Sueprbox S1


12. Superbox S1 VOD Guide and Settings


13. How to add app & delete app on Superbox S1


14. How to reset the parental control password on Superbox S1


15. How to download and install hutv?


16. What are the internet speed requirements?

Our minimum recommended internet speed requirement for operation is 8mbps, however, as an internet streaming device the faster your speed the more enjoyable your experience.

17. What countries does Superbox work?

Superbox works almost anywhere in the world if you have a high-speed internet connection. You can bring it for traveling use.  

18. Is a VPN required?

VPN services or IP unblocking services are not required to operate Superbox. 

19. Do you have MOQ order quantity?

We have no MOQ qty requests, you can order any qty you want. The qty is bigger, the price is lower. 

20. Do you have a return policy?

Yes, if your device is defective and you are within your 1 year warranty period, we will either repair or replace your unit free of charge.

21. How long I can get the box after payment?

After payment, you can get your box within 3-4 days. If you buy from local official dealers, it would be faster.  

22. Do you provide support?

Superbox is dedicated to providing ongoing, after sales support and technical support. Our valued customers will receive email response within 24 hours.  

23. How often are the updates?

Superbox software engineers will generally release a new update periodly. 

24. What's shipment way you can offer?

We can ship goods by express (DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT), by air or by sea. 


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