Why Need an IPTV box

Television is no longer just a means of entertainment, but often a part of human life as a whole. This is one of the main sources of information in the world, and the entertainment function is almost the most important in the broadcasters’ work. But if the traditional analog TV makes it possible for you to watch programs without installing any additional devices except the antenna, then modern digital TV dictates new terms.

Interactive television is a modern broadcast format. Its difference from cable TV is that the signal goes through an Internet connection, not through a separate cable. It requires additional equipment, a set-top box and a modern TV that supports the Net connection.
Features of IPTV box
IPTV is not broadcast over the Net, it only uses the Net data transfer protocol; the technology does not depend on the global network but the provider rendering services. IPTV can be transmitted over closed networks supported by a telecommunications company. Various image quality standards are applied: from SD to 3D and Ultra HD. What else is inherent in IPTV:
the ability to select a TV show and the time it starts playing, program recording, rewinding, pausing, etc.;
integration with social networks, as well as other devices connected to the network;
access to movies and TV series archives.

There are so many features of IPTV Box. Here i am describing you some important of them that you should know.

Play Live TV : No longer needed Satellite Dish. So, no longer to pay extra money for it. All you need to have a net conduction and you Boom. Now you can play all live TV, videos, tv show, YouTube and all streaming videos as you want.

Live Sports: No need to weary again about to see live Sports if you are a Sports lover. With this TV box you can see all kind of live sports. Anytime anywere.

Movies: If you are a movie lover or like to watch Animated movies in HD then you need it most then others. Because you can watch any movies any time in HD. So what else you need.

Play Music: some time you get bored, so play Music with Android TV box (SuperBox s1 pro tv box is a your option). You can search your favorite music on it. Also you can watch favorite Music Video search on YouTube.

Web Browsing: you can even browse every single website that you want to visit by android TV box. You can also browse your favorite social media like Facebook, Twiter, Linkedin, and Google plus etc.

IPTV Box is the most modern and optimal option in terms of quality + capabilities. It comes to the house via the same cable as the Net; it can potentially supply an unlimited number of channels, high quality pictures, a large selection of additional services.

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