How to choose the best IPTV Box ?

Contents How to choose the best IPTV Box ?. 1 What is IPTV Box?. 1 How IPTV Box works?. 1 How to choose the best IPTV box: 1 3.1). Quick plug-and-play set up: 2 3.2). Large library of content: 2 3.3). Operating System: 2 3.4). Memory Requirements: 2 3.5)HDMI, Ports and 2.4G/5G Dual Brand WiFi 3 Picking a Streaming Service: 3       1.   ...

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SuperBox S1 pro review

Actually I don’t know much about IPTV boxes, just saw their ad on Facebook. I was wondering to save subscription fee as they claimed, then bought the new version Superbox s1 pro online. And comes with a lifetime dedicated IPTV service.There are 2 APPs called Blue TV and Blue VOD pre-installed in the box, the Blue TV was for TV channels and sport...

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