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What is IPTV?

Let's go to know about IPTV  Contents: 1.  What is IPTV ? 2.  IPTV Service type      2.1) Smart TV      2.2) Use Tablet /Mobile terminal (such as iPad, Phone)       2.3) Network Set-Top Boxes with regular TV 3.  The IPTV Features and main advantage     1. What is IPTV ? IPTV is a set of Internet, multimedia, communications and other technology ...

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SuperBox S1 pro review

Actually I don’t know much about IPTV boxes, just saw their ad on Facebook. I was wondering to save subscription fee as they claimed, then bought the new version Superbox s1 pro online. And comes with a lifetime dedicated IPTV service.There are 2 APPs called Blue TV and Blue VOD pre-installed in the box, the Blue TV was for TV channels and sport...

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